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Superannuation & Retirement

The Australian Superannuation system is one of the most advanced and complex in the world. Not only is it inherently complex, but the legislation surrounding it continues to change. No wonder Australians, just like you, find it difficult to understand how it relates to them and how to use superannuation to maximise their retirement nest egg.

So many questions:

  • How much is enough for retirement?
  • Self managed, retail or Industry fund, which super fund is right for me?
  • How do I structure my superannuation assets?
  • What are the trade-offs when I contribute?
  • How do I make my contributions tax deductible?
  • How do I use Superannuation to reduce my overall tax burden?
  • How does my superannuation relate to my family and estate plan?

These are just some of the questions we find solutions to for clients every day. Superannuation is not simple, but together we can develop a strategy to ensure your superannuation is properly structured with a strategy to get you where you want to be in life.

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Superannuation & Retirement Services
Wealth Creation Services

Wealth Creation

Creating wealth is not easy when you are starting out. There are lots of people who have an opinion, many of them though may not be in any better position than you. Wealth creation is a team sport. You need your team to consist of competent professionals and a high quality, well qualified and experienced financial planner should be top of the list.

A client needs to put in place the right strategies and structures, to create wealth and then review these strategies and structures on a regular basis. That is because your circumstances and goals will change and so will the economy and the legislation relating to how your affairs are structured.

There are many paths that may be more appropriate than others such as:

  • Selecting the best tax structure;
  • Using gearing;
  • Reducing debt;
  • Using Shares, managed funds or other types of assets. Indeed it may be a combination of many to properly meet your needs.

At Wealth For Life Financial Planning we have been assisting clients achieve their goals for over a decade through good times and bad. Call us for an appointment and lets change your future for the financial better.

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Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Superannuation has been the quickest growing sector of Superannuation in Australia over the past 10 years. It is certainly not for everyone but with the proper advice, you may determine that it is right for you. With the constantly changing legislative and economic environment specialist advice is essential to ensure you start on the right path and stay there.

Wealth For Life Financial Planning provides specialist accredited advice on self managed superannuation and has done so for over 10 years. So if you want to find out is SMSF is right for you or maybe your existing fund needs a tune up, speak to us at Wealth For Life Financial.

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SMSF Services
Insurance Services


Protecting yourself and your family from life’s unexpected disasters should be a priority in life. Sadly, for most Australian’s, they are under insured. Insurance is not as simple as some of the cheap advertising on television makes out. There are many questions that should be addressed such as:

  • How much is enough?
  • What type or combination of insurances should I use?
  • How do I make the cost sustainable over the time frame I will need insurance?
  • What tax structure should I how my insurance in?

At Wealth For Life Financial Planning, we have been assisting clients find solutions to questions such as these for a long time. It is about having a strategy in relation to your insurances in context with your other circumstances and reviewing this strategy as your circumstances change. Call us for an appointment to help you get a strategy in place today.

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Aged Care

The Australian population is aging and the aged care system has become more complex as governments seek to manage the cost associated with caring for older Australians. Whether you are trying to plan ahead for your own care or that of older relatives, Wealth For Life Financial Planning can assist you to optimise your outcomes and maximise your benefits through a thorough understanding of this complex area of government legislation often conflicting with family values.

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Aged Care Services
Business Succession Services

Business Succession

You’ve worked hard to create and build your business to the valuable asset it is today. But how do you maximise the benefits of owning a business along the way and especially when you sell it. Creating a good business succession plan is essential to being in business. Often the lack of planning this vital aspect can see years of work devalued or eliminated altogether. Plan early to avoid the disappointment and make sure you are protecting yourself and your family along the way.

At Wealth For Life Financial Planning we understand this important aspect of business management because we run a business just like you and have over a decade of assisting business owners make the most of what they have. We have a team of other highly qualified professionals to assist in all aspects where necessary because we understand being successful in this important area is a team activity. Contact us at Wealth For Life Financial Planning to see how we can assist you.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important yet, overlooked aspects of having a proper financial strategy. It is not just about having a will but tying all your assets together to benefit those you wish to see benefit from your life’s work and during it as well. All aspects should be considered and many clients are surprised to discover that what they think is included in a will often is not. Tying your superannuation strategy be it self-managed or other, is also of vital importance. Issues such as divorce and planning for a time when you are not able to act for yourself are also taken into account.

At Wealth For Life Financial Planning we have years of experience dealing with our clients most sensitive and personal issues in relation to estate planning, You can be assured you are in the hands of highly educated specialists who are bona fide experts in the field.

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Estate Planning Services
Redundancy Services


We do not always get to decide when we retire or leave a work position. When redundancy comes, it is important to make the most out of what financial resources you have. IT is often at such a time as this that people seek advice for the very first time. Make sure you do this with a properly qualified professional who can ensure you maximise whatever benefits you may be entitled to.

At Wealth For Life Financial Planning, we have been assisting clients who have been made redundant for over a decade. If you or a friend find yourself in this situation, you should give us a call and make an appointment to see how to make the most of your circumstances. With professional advice, it may well be the start of the best part of your new life.

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